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Congratulations to all the runners that got out there for the first Gator Gallop!!

We had a lot of great runners and some very suprising and stupendous kids in our ranks! What an amazing day!!  Thanks to our generous sponsors, we able to award top finishers by age group and overall, for both the 5k and the 1M!


Results for 5k Run


Go to Gator Gallop Results at



Results for the Kids 1 Mile Fun Run 


First Place Finishers


Overall Boy: Caleb Birchem, Wakefield

Overall Girl: Emma Farrell, Wakefield


Kindergarten Boy: Chase Collins, Wakefield

Kindergarten Girl: Emma Drago, Melrose


1st Grade Boy: George Palmer, Wakefield

1st Grade Girl: Anya Belanger, Wakefield


2nd Grade Boy: Joseph LaMonica, Wakefield

2nd Grade Girl: Vanessa Westlake, Wakefield


3rd Grade Boy: Charlie Shvetz, Wakefield

3rd Grade Girl: Ania Jacob, Wakefield


4th Grade Boy: Caleb Birchem, Wakefield

4th Grade Girl: Emma Farrell, Wakefield





Gator Gallop Spirit


Chloe Silva, Wakefield

Isabella Schwartzberg, Wakefield


Zaniest Dresser


RaeAnn Williams, Wakefield







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