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Congratulations to all the runners that got out there for the 2nd Annual Gator Gallop!!

The wind was insane but the weather mild otherwise, and a lot of great runners and some very suprising and stupendous kids in our ranks! What an amazing day!!  Thanks to our generous sponsors, we able to award top finishers by age group, for both the 5K and the 1M!

5K Results

1M Results

5K Results


Overall Male 1st Place: John Conley, Jr. of Wakefield, 20:29:2

Overall Female 1st Place: Michelle Santoro of Charlestown, 22:36:0


Age 1-10       Male                                                                  Female

1st                 Luke Wightman of Malden, 24:44:0             Grace Seabury of Wakefield, 28:33:0

2nd                Marcus Guida of Wakefield, 25:51:0            Molly Forrest of Wakefield, 28:33:9

3rd                 Liam Buys of Wakefield, 25:51:2                  Molly Berinato of Wakefield, 28:34:2

4th                 Graham Swanson of Wakefield, 28:27:7     Maggie Barnard of Wakefield, 31:19:0

5th                 Hayden Quimby of Wakefield, 28:58:0        Sydney Moon of Wakefield, 31:24:0


Age 11-20     Male                                                              Female

1st                 Andrew Quinn of Wakefield, 27:42:5        Elise Theirault of Wakefield, 39:18:5

2nd               Zachary Medailleu of Peabody, 32:14:0    Nora Markham of Wakefield, 48:32


Age 21-30    Male                                                            Female

1st                Corey Chandler of Reading, 21:32:4       Amanda Fakhreddine of Wakefield, 28:06:9

2nd              Lucas Wilson of Boston, 30:43:8              Danielle Metzler of Danvers, 31:19:0


Age 31-40    Male                                                                      Female

1st                Andrew Machanic of Wakefield, 21:59:4         Elizabeth Curran of Wakefield, 23:36:6

2nd              Pedro Janeiro of Hudson, 25:10:2                     Maria Taranto of Wakefield, 24:05:6


Age 41-50    Male                                                                   Female

1st                 Robert Bruzzese of East Boston, 21:20:0     Caryn Casale of Wakefield, 24:07:0

2nd                Emmanuel Buys of Wakefield, 23:01:9         Lisa Wallace of Wakefield, 24:49:0


Age 51-60     Male                                                                Female

1st                  Donald Reynolds of Salem, 29:43:0           Amanda Maffei of Hopkington, 24:48:2

2nd                Enrico Vietra of West Roxbury, 31:54:5     Gina Jones of Wakefield, 25:51:3


Age 61+    Male                                                              Female

1st             Fintan Maloney of Medford, 31:11:0        Judith Jacoby of Wakefield, 33:42:3

2nd           Richard Hunt of Auburn, 45:19:0              Pamela Paige of Wakefield, 34:27:4


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Gallop Spirit Awards


RaeAnn Williams, Wakefield

Matthew Swift, Woburn

Kids' 1M Results 


First Place Finishers


Overall: Charlie Shvetz, Wakefield


Kindergarten Boy: Ollie Braham, Swampscott

Kindergarten Girl: Gwen Munro, Wakefield


1st Grade Boy: Max Jacob, Wakefield

1st Grade Girl: Emma Drago, Melrose


2nd Grade Boy: Zachary Goc, Wakefield

2nd Grade Girl: Anya Belanger, Wakefield


3rd Grade Boy: Joe LaMonica, Wakefield

3rd Grade Girl: Sydney Dunn, Canton, MI


4th Grade Boy: Charlie Shvetz, Wakefield

4th Grade Girl: Sadie McLaughlin, Burlington





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